Consider Y did HRC lose?

Hillary Clinton had every conceivable structural advantage: a household name, senate experience, administrative experience, electoral experience, the absolute support of her party and president, the full collusion and confidence of corporate media, a ‘straw dog’ opponent to make her appear ‘mainstream’, hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars via her campaign and her political action committees, pre-committed Super Delegates, full social media advocacy via Google, Twitter and Facebook, and so on and so on. I cannot think of a single structural advantage her candidacy did not possess.

How did she possibly fail?

Her opponent- Donald J Trump, a man of variable deficiencies and defects, little or no political experience and almost no professional political support, who was personally supporting his campaign up to his party convention out of his own pocket plus the contributions of individual supporters (like me…pretty small penny).

She lost because she was found to be a liar, thief, and un-trusted by many of the American Voters, and it was a battle – because there were some Americans who believe in her regardless of her lying, cheating, and stealing.  There were Americans who voted for her simply because she was a woman, others that voted for her simply because she was a democrat, and others that simply voted for her because if she won – they would somehow benefit financially.

She lost because there were more Americans that didn’t believe her – or in her, and Americans that didn’t trust Democrats, and Americans that didn’t trust this woman.
And, with all of that you had a Democratic party and President (for previous 8 years) that had not done anything to make American lives better – And, you had Obamacare which was a total disaster and ended up not saving..but costing …all of us.


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