Jill Stein wants recount in PA

Inauguration day isn’t coming quick enough for me.  Inauguration day is set for Jan. 20, 2017.  Today, is 12/4/2016.  Jill Stein, a nobody candidate (Green party) wants a recount in 3 states, she got it in WI, but looks like she has to work a little harder to get it in PA.  It is said that she is being backed by Billionaire George Soros and HRC (Hillary R. Clinton).  It is also said, she is not being backed by the mainstream voters.

Article written By Caroline Kenny, CNN   Updated 10:13 AM ET, Sun December 4, 2016
Jill Stein says she’ll ‘escalate’ Pennsylvania recount case after earlier plans to drop it
Stein on Saturday cited a major cost placed on voters due to a state court ruling that says the voters requesting the recount must pay a $1 million bond. But shortly after midnight Sunday Stein tweeted about plans to continue on the recount bid.
“On Monday, I will escalate #Recount2016 in PA and file to demand a statewide recount on constitutional grounds. The people deserve answers,” she wrote.

Article written By Mark Dent November 28, 2016  at 7:15 am
Jill Stein needs help
Stein can’t simply ask for a recount in Pennsylvania. She needs Keystone State residents to ask for one for her.
That’s because for a recount to happen — barring a credible accusation of voter fraud ruled by the courts — three voters in each district must petition the results through an affidavit. Philadelphia alone, with its 1,600 voting divisions, would need requests from nearly 5,000 people to undergo a recount. The whole state would likely need about 30,000 volunteers. Stein got about 49,000 votes in PA.
Through Facebook and Twitter, she’s been asking for volunteers and has set up a process showing interested parties how to file an affidavit. As of 11 a.m. Sunday, she tweeted 1,500 Pennsylvanians had volunteered.

The PA GOP claims conspiracy
But not over possible voter fraud. Instead, the party is claiming Stein and Clinton are in cahoots. In a statement released Sunday afternoon, the Pennsylvania Republicans noted Stein lost to Trump by nearly 48 percentage points and “as such it is clear that she does not have a good faith basis to challenge the results  She is clearly serving as a stalking horse for the Clinton campaign that once again will not take responsibility for its actions.”

Trump’s rebuttal
With Pennsylvania on the verge of a recount, Donald Trump has gotten a little testy. As he tends to do in times like these, he vented on Twitter. The President-elect tweeted previous comments from Clinton saying, “We have to accept the results and look to the future.” He then claimed, citing no evidence, millions of people voted illegally and major fraud had occurred in Virginia, California and New Hampshire.

The Pennsylvania problem
Should a significant number of counties get the requisite number of petitions, the recount process could be arduous. This is because many Pennsylvania polling stations don’t produce paper copies.
For a recount, each machine in the state would have to be opened and re-analyzed. Stein is also seeking volunteers to observe this recount process, especially in Pennsylvania’s smaller counties.


Consider Y did HRC lose?

Hillary Clinton had every conceivable structural advantage: a household name, senate experience, administrative experience, electoral experience, the absolute support of her party and president, the full collusion and confidence of corporate media, a ‘straw dog’ opponent to make her appear ‘mainstream’, hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars via her campaign and her political action committees, pre-committed Super Delegates, full social media advocacy via Google, Twitter and Facebook, and so on and so on. I cannot think of a single structural advantage her candidacy did not possess.

How did she possibly fail?

Her opponent- Donald J Trump, a man of variable deficiencies and defects, little or no political experience and almost no professional political support, who was personally supporting his campaign up to his party convention out of his own pocket plus the contributions of individual supporters (like me…pretty small penny).

She lost because she was found to be a liar, thief, and un-trusted by many of the American Voters, and it was a battle – because there were some Americans who believe in her regardless of her lying, cheating, and stealing.  There were Americans who voted for her simply because she was a woman, others that voted for her simply because she was a democrat, and others that simply voted for her because if she won – they would somehow benefit financially.

She lost because there were more Americans that didn’t believe her – or in her, and Americans that didn’t trust Democrats, and Americans that didn’t trust this woman.
And, with all of that you had a Democratic party and President (for previous 8 years) that had not done anything to make American lives better – And, you had Obamacare which was a total disaster and ended up not saving..but costing …all of us.